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Meet Vendula

My name is Vendula. Today, I am living a fulfilling life by focusing on what really matters to me. I run a business where I share my expertise regarding emotional intelligence, and passionately help my clients to understand and better manage their emotions.


I was born in what was then called Czechoslovakia which, during my childhood, was under a communist regime. That regime collapsed during the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Following the revolution, my father dreamt of creating his own company when he retired. Unfortunately, he tragically died just two months  before his retirement, when I was 18 years old.


After his death, I had complicated adolescence, where everyone was worried about my professional future; but, nobody cared about my emotional state. I felt lost as to how to handle the grief and the loss of the loved person. This challenging life period was the starting point of my passion for understanding and learning about our emotions and their impact on our lives.


Thanks to my great university grades, I was hired in a prestigious consulting position and then continued to work in the automotive industry, where people were mostly promoted thanks to their technical skills but were lacking any real human skills. They did not know how to cope with stress, how to communicate with their team members or were quickly hijacked by their emotions when under pressure. 

After over 15 years in the corporate world, I realized there is something wrong, terribly wrong, with the way we live our lives and lead our companies today. Too many people get depressed. People get burn out. People get emotionally sick. We are expected to work hard, regardless of how we feel. 

The birth of our daughter was the wake-up call for me that I have to stand up for what matters to me and make our emotions matter again. 


Since then, I have been on a continuous learning journey. I participated in hundreds of workshops and read tons of books about emotional health. I became a certified Emotional Intelligence specialist, attended the University of Cambridge Life Coaching Distance Learning Program, and was awarded a certificate in Positive Psychology by The University of California, Berkeley.


I am passionate about helping my clients to find their authentic self by understanding how their emotions impact their everyday life, strengthening their self-awareness and equipping them with simple, yet effective emotional self-care routines. 

I provide them with practical solutions and tools, so my clients can reach emotional well-being, become more resilient, build self-esteem and restore a balance in their life.


I also dedicate my work to future generation by teaching children how to better understand and manage their emotions. In 2017, I became an official certified Kimochis® ambassador in the Basel area.


Today, I live a fulfilling and happy life with my partner and our daughter in the beautiful cross border region

in Basel, Switzerland.

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