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Believe in Yourself More

The 3-session individual program that guides you to
overcome self-doubt and believe more in yourself.
  • Do you have a tendency to undervalue yourself?

  • Do you often have a feeling of not feeling good enough?

  • Do you take care of others first and have a tendency to forget to take care of yourself?

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Then you are at the right place.



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♥︎  Judging yourself less

♥︎  Feeling more self-confident

♥︎  Embracing your needs fully 

♥︎  Only you and me on this self-discovery 






Listen. It happens to all of us, but there exist simple, yet effective strategies that will help you to judge yourself less, and feel better about yourself.

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During our coaching 2-month coaching journey you will learn:

How to...

♥︎ Build healthier self-esteem

♥︎ Feel more confident

♥︎ Be more self-compassionate with yourself

♥︎ Honor your needs and practice self-care

Main Program Benefits
Witnessed by the Clients:

- Higher self-esteem

- Strengthing of self-respect

- Increased self-trust

- Feeling more energized and fulfilled

- Taking better care of herself 

- Setting stronger boundaries and saying 'No' more often

- Embracing self-love and her whole self


Three Individual 1:1 

60-minute calls

Frequency: Once every two weeks.

Actionable homework in between sessions:

Three simple assignments to help you develop new self-confidence habits.

Personal Support

My top priority is a personal approach and

taking only on clients that are 100% fit.


Generosity is one of my key personal values,

so you'll get FREE access to the Creative Self-care Pause Online Course and personal leather coaching journal (value 120 USD).

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Learn to believe in yourself,

and your possibilities,

and treat yourself with kindness.

As this is an intimate, in-depth program, spaces are very limited!

Your investment for 3 individual online sessions in the ''Believe in Yourself More'' coaching program is
375 USD

Interested, but curious to learn more ? Book a FREE 30-minute online discovery session HERE.

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