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What are Kimochis®


Kimochis® (Kimochi means feeling in Japanese) is a social-emotional learning program that teaches children real-life skills, such as how to identify and express their emotions, self-control, problem-solving, and communication.



Kimochis® look like toys, but they are the real tools that teach emotional intelligence to children between 3 and 8 years of age.


Why Kimochis®?

Here are the key benefits of the Kimochis® program:

  • increases emotional vocabulary, social skills, self-awareness, self-regulation skills

  • helps children better identify and express their emotions

  • strengthens a child’s emotional intelligence

  • helps handle emotionally charged moments

  • engages children in fun and active learning by using Kimochis characters

  • promotes non-violent communication

  • teaches tolerance

  • decreases bullying


What my child will learn during the Kimochis® lesson?

The program is designed to teach children the skills needed to live happy and fulfilling lives. Kimochis® program consists of 5 characters and plush feelings. 


During each session, your child will be introduced to a new Kimochis® character. Each character has a unique temperament and personality. They are accompanied by plush feelings that help them to build their emotional vocabulary.


The second part of each session will focus on the Kimochis® Keys to Communication tools to help your child learn how to speak in a respectful and responsible way and listen openly.

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