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Emotion Coaching for Parents

The 3-session individual program guides you how to
become an emotional coach for your child.
  • Do you struggle to cope with your child's big feelings?

  • Do you wish to learn how to better understand and react to your child's feelings?

  • Do you want to raise an emotionally healthy child, and missing guidance and tools?


Then you are at the right place!

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During our coaching journey you will learn:

How to...

♥︎ How to handle your child’s big emotions

♥︎ How to cultivate emotional awareness

♥︎ How to practice emotional self-care as a parent.

♥︎ How to be an emotion coach for your child.

Lecture numérique

♥︎ My goal is to provide you with practical tools and strategies that you can implement in your everyday family life. 

♥︎ I offer a warm understanding and a kind ear.

♥︎ My mission is to create a place of security where parents are welcomed to come as they are and are accepted without judgment. 

Main Program Benefits
Witnessed by the Clients:

- Improved emotional expression 

- Less conflicts and tantrums

- More serenity at home

- Better understanding and communication among family members

- Increased self-confidence in the role of parent.


Three Individual 1:1 

60-minute calls

Frequency: Once every two weeks.

Bonus 1

A complete list of recommended emotional intelligence reads for your child.

Personal Support

My top priority is a personal approach and

taking only on clients that are 100% fit.

Bonus 2

Extra 45-minute coaching session focused on how to improve communication with your child according to their communication type.

Pique-nique en famille

Become an emotion coach for your child by teaching her/him how to have a healthy relationship with her/his feelings no matter how she/he feels.

As this is an individual tailor-made program,
spaces are very limited!

Your investment: 375 USD

Interested, but curious to learn more ? Book a FREE 30-minute online discovery session HERE.

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