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Toys and Games to Help Kids Express Their Emotions

Whatsitsface - a cute educational stuffed animal with 6 different faces. A child can flip the face or twist to knob to change between, happy, sad, surprised, angry, laughing and

sound asleep. What’s Its Face is great for teaching a young child different emotions,

The Color Monster Game - A Game for all ages based on the best-selling book series by Anna llenas. Ages 4+

My Feelings Game - What scares your child? What makes him or her feel happy, frustrated or angry? This inspirational game encourages you and your child to explore these emotions in a fun, active way. As they play, children will discover how to recognize feelings in themselves and in others, and to cope with them in socially appropriate ways. Ages 4+

How I'm Feeling - this 52-card pack provides children with a variety of sentence completion prompts to help them open up and share what they're thinking and feeling.

Designed for children aged 5 to 12.

Mad Dragon - this anger-control card game learns children that they have choices about how to express anger. Designed for children aged 6 to 12.

Feelings in a Flash - this set of one hundred flashcards includes 50 open-ended cards scenario cards and 50 emotion face cards with suggested coping strategies listed on each back! There are endless ways to use these cards. Ages 6+

Mindful Games - 55 mindfulness games for kids and teens that takes a playful approach to develop their attention and focus, and identifying and regulating their emotions.

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