Return to My True Self

The 4-week individual program which guides you to
embrace who you truly are and let go of who you think you are supposed to be.
Have you ever thought?

''I am not good enough''.

''I often struggle to say NO."

''I sometimes feel overwhelmed and feel exhausted.''

Come & join me for the 4-week

self-awareness journey!

Return to MY true self  

program content:

Part 1: 

Start Where You Are

Part 2:

Taking off the mask


choosing authenticity

Part 3:

Finding your true self

What really matters to You

Part 4:

Adopting the

self-care routines to

your daily life

Main Program Benefits

Witnessed by Our Clients:

- Higher self-awareness and self-esteem

- Lower stress and feeling of overwhelm

- Better control of emotions and reactions to emotionally challenging moments

- Increased enthusiasm

- Feeling more serene and less anxious

- Enhanced creativity

- Improved communication skills

- Creating and adopting the regular self-care routines to everyday life

- Strengthing of self-respect


Petra M.

This awesome program helped me to feel more grateful, joyful and real.

I set new boundaries for myself. Thanks to Vendula

I feel braver to embrace my life and who I am. 

Christine M.

Vendula has been incredibly accessible and helpful throughout the whole program. I enjoyed the creative assignments which made a real difference, and I can't recommend this program enough.

Linda C.

Participating in this program has changed my life. Vendula helped me identify what had been holding me back and guided me to live a more authentic and purposeful life.


Four Individual 1:1 

60-minute calls

Frequency: Once a week.

Actionable homework in between sessions:

Four creative assignments which will

help you visually express your journey.


Generosity is one of my key personal values,

so expect original, practical goodies coming

your way!

Personal Support

My top priority is a personal approach and

taking only on clients that are a 100% fit.

So are YOU ready to stop procrastinating your life and start to flourish again?

As this is an intimate, in-depth program, spaces are very limited!

Your investment for 4-week of 1:1 session in the ''Return to My Trueself'' program is

370 USD

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