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5 Reasons Why Self-Care Is Not Selfish 💛

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Most women feel guilty if they take care of themselves before anyone else.

This is a common belief, but in reality, self-care is not selfish at all.

Self-care is showing up for yourself and honoring the boundaries you’ve set up for yourself. 

Here are 5 reasons why making time to care for yourself is NOT selfish: 

It connects you with your true self It helps you slow down and reconnect deeply with your feelings and soul. It’s a moment where you can put your favorite music on, reconnect with your inner child and your soul. A moment where you can reflect on your purpose, what really matters to you, write yourself a loving letter, cultivate self-kindness, or just express your gratitude. 

Self-care helps you care for others better The beautiful irony of self-care is that the more you care for your personal needs, the better you can care for others. You can not give from an empty cup. Self-love is an antidote to stress - it replenishes energy, improves mood, and brings back the joy in life. When you’re in a better place mentally, physically, and emotionally, you’re more capable of helping other people with their concerns and problems. 

Self-care empowers It brings back control to your life. You can set aside other people’s agenda for self-assessment and self-evaluation. Finding time for yourself, for your plans, and for your goals can enable you to live life with more meaning and purpose. 

Self-care creates balance in your life In this chaotic, go-go-go world, finding a sense of balance can come as a challenge. Between checking off our to-do lists, keeping up with the news, and fulfilling responsibilities, we often find ourselves worn out physically, mentally, spiritually. Taking a step back from the chaos and enjoying some time for yourself can help bring back a sense of balance in your life.  It helps you to stop just existing and start living We all need to eat, we all need to sleep and we all have bills we have to pay. The housework needs doing, the laundry needs washing and we all have errands to run too. But we don’t need to spend all day every day doing those things. Sometimes we need to step out of life on autopilot. To step away from the daily grind – just for a few minutes – in order to keep life interesting and enjoyable. Doing things that make you feel good, that lift you up, and make you smile is good for your soul. 

Taking time for yourself and investing in your self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential


Would you like to bring more self-care time to your everyday life? 

Come and join the new 4-week Online Creative Self-Care Pause Course

A place, where you will: 

- Find a moment of calm 

- Enjoy a moment of self-compassion and self-kindness

- Reconnect with your true self and your feelings

- Unlock your creativity and connect more deeply and meaningfully with yourself

- Join a safe, soul-nourishing space, where you’ll be surrounded by other open-minded members. 

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