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How to overcome self-doubt

Most of us have experienced self-doubt at some point in our lives. In my case, being the daughter of a well-known, local teacher didn’t really make my childhood easy, and I, for sure, was a target of many of my classmates’ jokes. During my school years, I was expected to bring great notes at home and behave as a ‟nice’’ girl. 

As I grew up, I struggled with self-doubt and was really hard on myself. For example, starting to drive a car when I was 30 was a real challenge for me.

Luckily, my awesome mentor and years of studying about emotions and emotional health helped me to overcome my self-doubt, be less hard and more compassionate with myself.

If you are also struggling with self-doubt, here are some practical tips that can help you strengthen your confidence:

  • Give yourself credit. Give yourself credit for taking the small steps. Start noticing when you do good things in your everyday life. For example: ‟No one usually helps an old lady in the supermarket with a heavy shopping cart; I help.''

  • Have compassion for yourself. We should all be kinder to ourselves. If our friend comes to us and says, ‟I failed,’’ what do we do? We are kind, supportive and understand. So, don’t beat yourself up and accept some failure. It’s human to make a mistake; learn from it and try again a different way. It’s better than inaction. 

  • Learn to have deep gratitude for the life you have. It can sometimes be hard when we see people who have better professional titles, nicer houses and post beautiful pictures from their holidays on Instagram, but comparing ourselves to others is only nurturing self-doubt. So, instead of spending your time observing others, take time to reconnect with yourself and express deep gratitude for your life and say to yourself, ‟I am a valuable person, and I feel good about myself.’’ Be congruent with who you are and have a vision for yourself.

Do you feel like you need support and would like to be provided with more practical tips and exercises on how to overcome your self-doubt?

I will be happy to support and guide you. You can book your individual online session HERE.

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