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Track your life and moods with Journey App

As many of you know, journaling is one of my favorite self-care activities. It’s a powerful self-reflection tool for me that helps me to slow down, reconnect with my self, and enjoy the present moment. I’ve been journaling for over 15 years. Every single day, it’s essential for me to take a moment for myself and reflect on my thoughts, ideas, express my feelings, and record important life events. Just take a few minutes every day allows me to get in touch with my internal world. Journal is simply my best all-accepting, non-judgmental friend.

Recently, I was searching for a possibility to journey on the go as my paper journals always stay safe at home :-). I discovered the Journey app which allows me to journal digitally.

When I’m outside, I get often inspired by nature, people, and things I see around, so Journey allows me to record my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations straight away.

The application is really easy to use and it keeps your entries in chronological order.

You can add entries at any moment and write either a long text or a quick paragraph. With every entry, you can also attach photos, videos, files, and pin entries over the map. You can also add your mood and activity.

You can also use tags to help organize and find your notes easily.

The application is coordinated with Google Drive and you can also download your posts in PDF which I find really useful, as I can add after my entries on the go to my paper journal.

You can also protect your journal with a PIN or Face ID to keep your memories secure and private.

The application works across pretty much any device. I’ve tried the Android and iOS versions that both worked really well.

I simply found this app easy to use and it matches perfectly to my journaling needs on the go, as I can carry it around with me, and whenever I want to journal, I just add entry and start writing.

So if you enjoy journaling as well, why not give it a try?

If you want to read some more about the application and/or download it, check it out here.

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