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You Are Not Alone

These last two weeks were full of challenges and changes that heavily impacted all of us.

The European borders are closed now, our loved ones are often far away, no school for our children, my solopreneur business is suffering from canceling all the workshops, and outside there reigns calm and heavy atmosphere. Our region is one of the most impacted, and every day, we observe the scary increase of the number of cases.

Yes, it’s hard. We are witnessing deep suffering of those around us and possibly within us. And it’s normal to feel increased fear, worry, and anxiety.

Here is a small compilation of resources to help you navigate through this challenging time. Everyone of us is different, so not all of them will work for your, but I hope you will find something supportive:

- Be kind to yourself and practice a lot of self-compassion

- Connect with your loved ones on a deeper level

- Talk and express your feelings - do not try to suppress or bottle them. It will only make them bigger

- Journal - put all your feelings and thoughts on paper

- Organize online coffee chats with your friends and family members

- Sleep enough - during such a challenging life period, your body needs to recharge

- Practice physical activity - stretch, organize a home dance party, get some fresh air

- Take a break from news - keep yourself updated, but do not spend the whole day in front of the news

- Read - read a book you’ve always wanted to read

- Do creative activities - anything creative is deeply healing and restorative (bake something, draw together, make puzzles)

- Be an example - wash your hands, keep the recommended distance...

- Express your gratitude - create a gratitude jar and express what are you grateful for every single day

- Rest a LOT

- Help those you can help If you suffer from anxiety, try meditation (you have plenty of free resources available on Youtube and other online platforms)

- Try a grounding exercise - it’s a wonderful way of supporting ourselves to a neutral place. You can practice, for example, the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise on the picture below.

- It’s not weak to ask for support - you’re not alone. I’m here for you as well.

Please do not hesitate to share this post with anyone in need.

💛May we continue taking deep care of ourselves and each other.

💛May we stay connected and hopeful.

💛Take good care of yourself and stay safe.

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