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7 Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas 🎁🎄

This year has been emotionally challenging for most of us. Many people were experiencing increased anxiety, fear, feeling of overwhelm, solitude, and insecurities. And the upcoming holiday season is a great moment to express our gratitude towards people that really matter to us.

Here is the selection of 7 meaningful gift ideas for the ones you love:

1. A Handwritten Letter

There’s nothing better than being reminded you are loved by the people that matter most to you. If you can’t join them due to the lockdown restrictions, sending your loved one a heartfelt letter will make them feel loved and less alone.

2. A Journal

Writing down how we’re feeling can be so helpful when we’re struggling.

There’s something therapeutic about getting it all out on paper. If your loved one is a writer, giving them a journal is the best gift you can offer. You can even leave a handwritten note on the first page of a journal if you want it to be more personal.

3. Voucher For Coaching Session

Why not offer a voucher for a 60-minute individual coaching session? A magical self-care moment when your loved one will be offered kind and caring support and guidance on how to take care of their emotional health in their everyday life. Purchase Now

4. Art Supplies

Sometimes words don’t truly explain what we’re feeling. Get your loved one’s creative juices flowing with some art supplies — art can be very therapeutic!

5. A Self-Care Kit

Self-care kits are great for anyone, but for loved ones who have been struggling or unable to prioritize themselves this year, they can be a godsend. Make a homemade self-care kit for your loved one, or buy a pre-packaged one.